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     About Me
Charlie's Angels Photography is a well-established studio in Florida, Texas, Chicago, Indiana, San Francisco, Los Angeles California, Las Vegas NV, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, North & South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, San Francisco, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.  We have over 20 years of experience and our talent pool is second to none. We are a high-end studio that combines classic and contemporary photography styles to create striking classic images and a hint of photojournalistic flare.  With full-time photographers, we can combine a variety of photographic perspectives to ensure a variety of images in a timely fashion.  We take pride in our professional and exquisite customer service. We focus on one-on-one personal attention to each client's wants and needs and guarantee your satisfaction with our services and products. We use a professional portrait processing lab to stand behind the quality of our prints. Photography is our passion and we truly believe that your final portraits will be treasured memories and lasting works of art.
We are always open to your ideas and would love to answer any questions you might have.
                                                Contact the studio to set up a consultation.

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