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When Is Wedding Season In The US?

Which time of the year is best for having a wedding? We have the answers to all your questions.


Picking a date for your wedding is an important decision. Selecting the most suitable wedding date is one of the most important decisions in the wedding planning process. The wedding date will impact other decisions like outfits, location, etc. How do you go about selecting the most suitable date? Grab a pen, get cozy, and dive into the magical world of wedding season!

So when exactly is wedding season in the US? Wedding season is the time of year when most weddings occur. The wedding season usually falls between May to October, with the peak months being May, June, September, and October. These months provide warm and sunny weather, making it an ideal time for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

Knowing when the wedding season is can be crucial for guests and couples. For couples, choosing a date during the wedding season means a higher chance of good weather and easier travel arrangements for guests. It also means that wedding vendors and venues may be in higher demand, affecting availability and pricing. As for guests, knowing when wedding season is can help them plan their schedules and budgets accordingly, especially if they have multiple weddings to attend.


The Spring season is popular for weddings. The weather is pleasant, the flowers bloom, and the view is stunning. It’s no surprise that spring happens to be one of the most favored seasons for weddings.

With temperatures warming up and the sun shining, outdoor weddings are possible in Spring. Plus, with the chance of rain still relatively low, it’s a great time to have an outdoor ceremony or reception.

Statistics indicate that spring weddings comprise around 35% of all weddings in the US, making it the second most popular season after fall.

Regarding theme and color schemes, spring weddings are all about embracing the season. Soft shades such as blush pink, mint green, and sky blue are common choices for bridesmaid dresses, and flower designs are fashionable for decor. Vintage themes are also popular in the spring, with many couples incorporating natural elements like wood, lace, and burlap into their decor.

Another popular theme for spring weddings is garden or floral-inspired. Couples can also play around with different flower combinations and incorporate them into their bouquets, centerpieces, and cake. Spring is a beautiful time of year to get married.


Summer weddings are ideal because of the pleasant temperatures, longer days, and stunning landscapes. Summer is unsurprisingly the most popular season for weddings in the United States.

The reason why summer is such a popular wedding season is due to several factors. The weather is typically sunny and pleasant, making it a perfect season for outdoor weddings. Additionally, the beauty of summer weddings lies in their flexibility. Summer vacation allows many couples to schedule their weddings without worrying about taking time off work or school. Furthermore, abundant sunshine and warm weather allow for endless possibilities when choosing a wedding venue, decor, and themes.

Summer weddings constitute over thirty percent of all weddings in the United States. That’s a lot of weddings! And with so many couples having their wedding during this season, it’s important to plan to secure your ideal venue and vendors.

There are a few common themes and color palettes regarding summer weddings. For example, beach weddings are popular, with blue and green hues complementing the ocean backdrop. Bright and bold colors like coral, pink, and yellow are popular for summer weddings, adding a pop of color to the sunny season.


Fall weddings have gained popularity recently, with many couples opting for this season for various reasons. Fall is typically associated with warm colors, cool temperatures, and changing foliage, making it a picturesque time of year for weddings.

One of the reasons why fall is a popular wedding season is the mild weather. The temperatures are usually comfortable, not too hot or cold, making outdoor weddings possible. Additionally, fall provides a natural backdrop of stunning colors, with leaves changing from green to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. This backdrop makes for a beautiful and memorable wedding day.

On average, around 27% of all weddings occur during fall in the US. As such, it is a busy season for wedding vendors and venues, and couples must plan to secure their preferred dates and locations.

Regarding wedding themes and color schemes, fall weddings offer many options. Natural themes are quite popular, with earthy colors and elements like leaves, pine cones, and wood. Burgundy, deep red, and burnt orange are common color choices for fall weddings, adding a warm and cozy feel to the celebration.

Couples can incorporate fall harvest elements into their wedding décor, such as pumpkins, apples, and wheat. Moreover, fall weddings offer a great opportunity to incorporate seasonal flavors into the menu, like pumpkin spice, apple cider, and cinnamon.


Winter weddings have a certain charm that’s hard to resist. The snow-covered landscapes, cozy venues, and warm ambiance create a truly magical experience. Wintertime weddings are not as widespread as summer or fall weddings, though they are growing increasingly common in recent years.

Winter weddings are gaining popularity because of the lower cost of venues and vendors. Since winter is considered the off-season for weddings, many venues and vendors offer discounts and promotions to attract business. Furthermore, the winter vacation period permits many couples to use time off from work or school.

Winter weddings also have a unique color palette and theme options—deep, rich colors like burgundy, navy, and emerald green complement the season’s cozy vibe. Metallic accents, like silver and gold, add a touch of glamor and elegance. Winter themes can range from classic and formal to vintage and cozy, with elements like snowflakes, evergreens, and candlelight.

Although winter weather might be unpredictable, it is also part of what makes a winter wedding appealing. Imagine saying your vows in a snow-covered wonderland, surrounded by the warmth of loved ones and twinkling lights. Indoor venues with fireplaces or heated tents can provide a cozy atmosphere, while outdoor venues with blankets and hot cocoa can create a unique and memorable experience.


Deciding on the ideal wedding date can be difficult, but evaluating all elements is critical to making a knowledgeable choice.

Spring weddings offer an abundance of blooming flowers and mild temperatures. It’s the perfect time for couples who love the outdoors and a fresh, romantic atmosphere.

Summer weddings are ideal for those who want to enjoy the sunny weather, stunning landscapes, and longer days. With plenty of outdoor options, summer weddings are the most popular in the United States.

Fall weddings offer a rich color palette, cooler weather, and rustic ambiance. It’s the perfect time for those who love the coziness of sweater weather and warm blankets.

Winter weddings are perfect for those who love a magical, cozy atmosphere, snowflakes, and wonderland scenery. Winter weddings can also provide an excellent opportunity to take advantage of off-season rates and availability.

In conclusion, each season has unique charms and benefits for a wedding. Choosing a wedding season that fits your concept, budget, and tastes is important. Any season may be transformed into the ideal backdrop for your dream wedding with a little study, careful preparation, and imagination. Happy planning!

Regional Wedding Trends In The United States

Different locations have distinctive characteristics that impact the wedding planning process. It’s crucial to examine the particular elements of your region and include them in your wedding preparation, no matter where you’re getting married. From the cuisine to the decor to the overall vibe, each region has special touches that can make your wedding unforgettable.


The Midwest is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which translates well to weddings. Popular wedding themes in this region include outdoor weddings or barn weddings, focusing on comfort foods like BBQ and pie.


In the Southwest, couples can embrace the natural beauty of the desert landscape, incorporating earthy tones and succulent accents into their decor. Outdoor weddings are popular, with sunset ceremonies and starry skies adding to the romantic ambiance.


Mountain weddings offer breathtaking views and a rustic, outdoorsy vibe. Many couples opt for a woodland or cabin wedding, with plenty of natural elements like wood, stone, and wildflowers.


The South is all about tradition and elegance, with classic themes like Southern charm and plantation weddings. These weddings often feature stunning floral arrangements, formal attire, and classic cuisines like fried chicken and biscuits.

Northeast And East Coast

On the Northeast and East Coast, plenty of options exist for elegant and sophisticated weddings. Historic venues like mansions and museums provide a stunning backdrop for a classic wedding, while beach weddings offer a more relaxed and casual vibe.

Most Popular Months To Get Married

Let us take a look at the three most popular months for weddings. Keep in mind that each season has its distinct beauty and benefits.


The month of October is one of the most preferred months for weddings. With its beautiful fall foliage and mild weather, October provides the perfect backdrop for a picturesque outdoor wedding. Additionally, October is a shoulder season for many wedding vendors, meaning that couples can often secure lower prices and better availability for their preferred venues and vendors.


The month of September is also popular for weddings. September, as the conclusion of summer and the beginning of fall, brings pleasant weather and stunning natural beauty. Many couples also choose to get married in September to avoid the peak wedding season and secure better availability for their preferred vendors.


Traditionally, June has been a popular month for weddings, which remains so for today’s couples. With its warm weather, abundant natural beauty, and longer days, June provides an idyllic setting for a romantic outdoor wedding. However, with its popularity comes the potential for higher prices and limited availability for preferred venues and vendors, so planning and booking early is important.

When Is Wedding Off-Season?

Wedding off-season in the US is typical during winter, specifically January and February. July and November are also unpopular wedding months in some regions. Many wedding venues and vendors offer lower prices and discounts during these months to attract more couples.

However, consider that winter weddings may necessitate additional preparation and planning due to the unpredictable nature of the weather and the availability of specific sites. Regardless of the season, it’s important to plan and book your vendors and venue early to ensure a stress-free wedding planning experience.


What Month Do Most Weddings Happen?

Regarding the most popular month for weddings, October takes the lead. The fall season, from September to November, is a favored time for weddings, making up 43% of weddings.

What Is The Cheapest Month For A Wedding?

The cheapest months to get married in the U.S. are often January, February, July, and November, given various factors, including the location. Couples can often secure discounted rates on venues, vendors, and other wedding-related expenses by opting for an off-season wedding.

What Is The Most Common Wedding Date In The US?

The most popular day of the week to get married is Saturday. As a result, three of the most common wedding dates are the 9th of September, the 23rd of September, and the 11th of November, all of which fall on a Saturday. These dates are sure to be in high demand, so couples planning to get married on one of these days should book early to secure their preferred venue and vendors.

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